Team profiles

Alan Brown - Director

Alan Brown

Besides being the Director responsible for much day-to-day company management, Alan is the company's technical 'product specialist' for the Davicom telemetry system, and has project-managed many FM broadcast installations.
alan at radica dot com

Tim Foulsham - Director

Tim Foulsham

Tim's responsibilities include the production of Radica's manufactured products, and the planning, installation and maintenance of Low Power AM systems. He also heads up the transmission maintenance department and manages Radica's on-going transmitter maintenance agreements.
tim at radica dot com

Joy Sellar - Accounts Administrator

Joy Sellar

Accounts Administrator
Joy is responsible for keeping Radica's accounts in order. This entails ensuring that invoices are correctly issued and that suppliers are paid on time, whilst also making sure that there is still enough money in the bank to pay the wages at the end of the month. In addition to this she helps with general office administration.
joy at radica dot com

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